Quality and Product Safety

Product Safety
Safety and quality play a decisive role in the selection of dietary supplements. Our product lines NUTRAPHARM FOOD SUPPLEMENTS, NUTRAHERB EXTRACTS, NUTRASPORT and NUTRALIBIDO are guaranteed to possess the highest possible standards, as our ingredients have all been carefully checked for their levels of purity and quality. The choices of dietary supplements are increasing every day. Thus, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate high-quality products from low-quality or inferior products. Lately, the media have also portrayed dietary supplements in a negative light. Thus, one may have the impression that all manufacturers and suppliers of dietary supplements place no value on quality, safety, and purity. This is the reason why we want to show you what is really important when it comes to the quality of dietary supplements, and what we at {{store_name}} do, in order to provide you with high-quality products.

High-grade raw materials
All raw materials used in our dietary supplements (ingredients) have been carefully quality- controlled using the most modern technology. A certificate of analysis ensures the contents of the active substances and the purity of the raw material. Special attention is paid to ensure that harmful substances such as pesticides, lead, mercury, bacteria, fungi, etc. are not present in the raw material. This ensures the perpetual, high-grade quality of our products.

Product-specific quality criteria: Dietary supplements are used to supply the body with a certain nutrient or vital substance. Therefore, it is important to ensure a certain standardised amount - meaning a guaranteed quantity - of crucial active substances. Let´s take the vital Omega-3 fish oil as an example. The fatty acids EPA and DHA are the crucial active substances in this product. Thus, their quantity should be indicated on the packaging. If this is not the case, then we can be sure that the fish oil does not contain a considerable amount of active quantity. Furthermore, the removal of harmful substances in Omega-3 fish oil is very important since fish store heavy metals, pesticides, and PCB in their fat. Thus, these impurities are present in cheap fish oil. The only way to remove these harmful substances, in order to produce pure and healthy Omega-3 fish oil, is to use molecular distillation. As illustrated in the fish oil example, the use of high-quality raw materials makes a decisive difference between high-grade products and inferior products from cheap manufacturers.

Effective composition
Dietary supplements can only be effective if the vital substances they contain are present in sufficient amounts. Synergy effects of the ingredients can thus optimise the effect of the product. When it comes to dosage and composition, our products are developed according to the most up-to-date scientific research and current findings in nutritional science and medicine. For example, if you compare our multivitamin with other products from the chemist´s or pharmacy, you will discover that it provides a much broader spectrum of vitamin, minerals, and trace elements, and that it is optimised with important plant based antioxidans.

Production in monitored, certified factories
During the development and production of our products, we work with qualified nutritional scientists, pharmacists, and food engineers. The manufacturing of our products is subject to the strict international quality standards cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Regular analyses and controls guarantee that our raw materials and finished products possess the highest levels of quality and purity.

Our productlines are manufactured in accordance with the strictest hygiene guidelines. In order to ensure absolute purity, all machines are painstakingly cleaned before every production cycle. Regular quality-controls and weight-controls are carried out during production, and subsequently, meticulously logged.

The manufacturing facilities work according to the following standards:

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
This quality guideline controls every step of the production to avoid mix-ups and impurities to assure strict hygienic conditions during production.

GSP (Good Storage Practices)
The storing of raw materials, packaging materials and end products is well documented under this guideline. This also includes the storing conditions, the labelling, charge tracking and distribution.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Point Concept)
This is a fixed guideline in the European Food Hygiene Regulation. It guarantees the compliance of special hygiene regulations valid for food production.

GLP (Good Laboratory Practices)
Guarantees, that all production facilities are kept absolutely clean. The acquisition of the raw materials and distribution is well documented. All production protocols are achieved for a certain period of time.

TÜV-Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
The ISO-Norm quality control requires every single step of the production process to be exactly documented. It starts with the selection of the right resources, passing the production and ending at dispatch. This certificate guarantees the constant, high quality of the end product.

Optimal dosage forms
The capsule is the optimal ingestion method (dosage form) of most dietary supplements requiring exact dosage. This way, the frequently unpleasant taste of certain ingredients can be avoided. In contrast to tablets, capsules are only loosely filled with powder and do not need to be pressed under high pressure with the aid of tablet additives. Within a few minutes, capsules completely dissolve in the stomach and thus ensure an optimal absorption of the vital substances. We ensure that all capsules are made from BSE-free gelatine.

Complete declaration of the ingredients and active substances
All ingredients and active substances are disclosed on the label. Thus, there are no hidden ingredients in the product which someone could be allergic to or may reject for personal reasons, e.g. vegans or vegetarians. This way, you are completely informed and can choose which dietary supplements are most suitable for you.

Safe and free from side effects
Our products are nutrition supplement and not medical drugs. Due to their natural composition, they are completely safe within the recommended dosage and do not have any side effects, which can often be observed when taking medication. This is why you do not require a prescription in order to use Vitality Nutritionals products.

As you can see, there are many factors which determine the quality of a nutrition supplement. Since we only accept the highest quality standards in every area, you will be able to find a large selection of high quality products within our product range.