BioVitaWeb makes it really easy for you to pay your orders online. In addition to Bank Transfer we offer Paypal. Two well-known and safe methods we explain briefly here.


PayPal is a free, secure payment system that consumers find simple and easy to use.

- Quick and easy ways to pay for a variety of online shops
- Your purchases up to € 200 protected
- All your customer data stored in one place
- You can choose between many popular Payment made light products Supplement Boost purchase.

How does it work?
Once your account is activated with PayPal you can use your PayPal account with which your bank account or a credit card is linked. Now you can begin to capture PayPal to buy and pay with your e-mail address and password. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to give your bank account information or credit card information.

Advantages of using PayPal
- Only once you need to provide your bank or credit card details
- Comprehensive Buyer Protection
- Very user friendly and easy to use
- You can use Paypal everywhere. So you can buy Supplement Boost product at home as well as abroad. Simply order our shop products everywhere.
- Totally free.

Is PayPal safe?
PayPal Buyer Protection guarantees all your online purchases for the full amount.

You transfer the Order Total to our account in advance. We will send you our bank information with the Order confirmation. After receiving your payment we will ship your order and send you a shipping confirmation by email.

Bank transfer
Please note that Bank transfers (even if they are made online) take between 1 to 3 banking days until they will arrive to our account. Only then we can ship your order. Therefore please enter together with your payment the order number and your name so we can identify your payment quickly.